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Made by the same manufacturer that makes boots and slippers for UGG™. The iconic brand’s simple but superb slippers. These slippers deliver comfort with luxurious sheepskin, a plush wool insole, and a lightweight, durable and flexible outsole that allows you to walk outside without damaging the slippers. We’re saving you over $60 from UGG™’s $120 retail price.

And the main difference between the slippers? The lack of the UGG™ logo. Something we think that you can live with!

The Class A sheepskin used from Australian sheep helps the sheep remain warm in temperatures as low as -22 degrees farenheit. The manufacturer’s proprietary tanning process allows users to experience the sheepskin’s natural features.

A total of 30 stitching, 15 molding and 90 production processes are performed to manufacture slippers that fulfill your expectations.

The proprietary tanning process ensures that the sheepskin and wool are not separated so as to retain the soft, breathable and warm characteristics that our users appreciate on their feet.

No harmful chemical materials are used in the dyeing process, allowing our customers to wear the slippers barefoot without worrying about their skin.

Several modifications and redesigns were conducted to comply with the feedback and reviews from customers. The main breakthrough was the development of a wide dorsal shape, allowing more space and comfort for toes.

The manufacturer recently found that by reducing the hardness of the sole, users experienced more comfort and durability.